The Origin of the Birth of International Book Day

The Origin of the Birth of International Book Day – Maybe there are some of you who still don’t know about International Idn Poker88 Book Day, there are some of you who still haven’t heard of this day.

Every 23rd April is the anniversary of International Books or what we are familiar with as World Book Day. Even though it is celebrated every year, in fact not everyone or only some of them know about this international book day. Then in commemorating international book day what are the best-selling books and must be read until now.

But beforehand, we will first discuss books and the birth of a memorial day for international book day in this world. A book is also a written work created by artists. In fact, books are not a hobby for everyone in this world.

Books themselves have a lot of use in them when we really want to read them. Because science always comes from books. The more diligently you read a book, the broader your knowledge about this world will be. This can be learned by anyone, not necessarily in terms of age.

The Origin of the Birth of International Book Day

You should know beforehand that April 23 is world book day or international book day. Which is a special day for book writers, illustrators, publishers to book readers basically. However, this does not rule out that everyone knows about the anniversary of the book because not everyone can be categorized as liking reading activities.

Basically, the election of 23 April as international book day is not without certain reasons and meanings. This happens because April 23 is a date that is related to several writers and literary figures in this world.

One of them is a character or writer from Spain named Miguel De Cervantes who is believed to have died on April 22-23 in Madrid, Spain. Cervantes is also well known as the man who initiated the modern literary style in Spain.

Then this modern literary style spread throughout the world including Europe which he influenced through his novel entitled “Don Quixote”. This novel is a reflection of all of his works that emphasize the satirical style.

As from the news circulating, this man who was born on September 29, 1547 always uses a very intelligent satire. Cervantes can also use expressions that are easy for readers and book enthusiasts to understand, so that beginners will also find it easy to understand all the contents and intentions of his work.

By using its distinctive characteristics and consistency in using satirical language and using modern literary styles, the date of death of Cervantes which falls on April 23 is set by the educational, scientific and cultural organizations (Unesco) and the United Nations (UN) as an international book day. or you can call it world book day.

However, April 23 is also the date of death and birth of several other world literary figures, such as the birthday of Maurice Druon, Halldor Laxness and Manuel Mejia Vallejo.

Meanwhile, several other world literary figures who died on April 23 included Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, William Shakespeare and Josep Pla. Therefore, April 23rd is a very appropriate date to be used as International Book Day.

How to Celebrate International Book Day

To celebrate international book day itself is quite easy, the things you have to do can use your own various methods. Starting from looking for books by lesser-known authors, then being able to buy original books to read for yourself or donate to other people and there are many more things you can do related to these books.

What is clear is that what is necessary and easy for you to do is buy an original, non-pirated book and read it yourself. So it can also be said that you appreciate and celebrate this international book day.

Usually there are lots of irresponsible parties who sell various types of pirated books at relatively cheap prices, so that people are interested and are tempted to buy them because in terms of low prices, but the contents are still the same.

If this happens it will be very detrimental to the authors of the book and profitable for the pirates and it will also benefit you. The authors also will not get royalties from the sale of these pirated books.

Below are some recommendations for books that you can read and are the best-selling books in the world.

The Best Selling Books in the World

Now as you know, a book is a literary work using writing, so you don’t need to be confused about finding material or books to read.

Because here the admin will give you some best-selling book recommendations in the world that are perfect for you to read and have their own meaning and history.

  • Don Quixote

This first modern book by Miguel de Cervantes tells the story of a highly respected aristocrat.

However, the aristocrat who should be a respectable knight fantasizes about wanting to become a messenger of the knights. This is because he has the intention to fight against existing injustices, even though he is only a knight order.

The fantasies made by Cervantes in this novel were a major breakthrough at that time. Therefore, there is a lot of opposition from other writers. Even so, this novel is still favored by readers.

This book was published in 1605 and was written by Miguel De Cervantes with total sales of 500 million copies.

  • Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone

It is no wonder that J.K Rowling’s book is the best-selling book in the world.

The reason is, this book is very famous throughout the world because it has a story about life in a wizarding world. Being the first book in a series of Harry Potter travel stories, this book tells the story of the beginning of the life of a boy named Harry Potter while living with his uncle and aunt.

Then, Harry is picked up by Hagrid to attend a magic school called Hogwarts. Since then, the journey of Harry Potter’s stories and adventures in the wizarding world has begun.

The Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone books are also the gateway to the success of other Harry Potter book series. Not only that, every series of the Harry Potter books has also been made into a big screen film.

This book was published in 1997 and was written by J.K Rowling with total sales of 450 million copies.

  • A Tale of Two Cities

The book, which has sold up to 200 million copies, tells the story of a couple’s love journey, which is wrapped in a complete picture of the struggle for the French Revolution.

Where, the woman of the couple is the son of a doctor, named Manette, who is a political prisoner for 18 years in the Bastille prison.

After Doctor Manette was free from detention, he was finally able to reunite with his daughter in England and returned to life as before and while Manette’s doctor was in prison, her daughter was loved by two men named Charles Darnay and Sydney Carton.

But unfortunately, only one man managed to get a daughter from doctor Manette, who has now become his partner. The journey of the love story of the two lovers is certainly not as smooth as imagined, because it was marked by the French Revolution. This makes the love story of the two couples full of drama and feels tense.

This book was published in 1859 and was written by Charles Dickens with total sales of 200 million copies.

So, those are some types of books that are among the bestsellers and most people buy in the world. So what are you waiting for, just buy and enjoy the works of writers who are known by the whole world.

So that’s about the origins of international book day and it is commonly known as world book day. Thank you for joining here and have a nice return to your activities.